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Scooter Engine Sizes

Scooter Sizes

scooter engine sizeMany Scooterists are finding that purchasing a 150cc scooter is an affordable method of transportation for short distance trips. Motorists like the ease of use as well the affordability in regards to purchase price, service & repair costs, and especially the excellent mileage per gallon. 150cc Scooters are designed to have a maximum speed of about 30MPH as anything that goes over that is, in most states required to be licensed. Modifications can be made to 150CC motor scooters to make it go faster and upgrades vary on whether the scooter or moped has either a 4 Stroke or a 2 Stroke engine. However, many scooter upgrades can void the warranty, shorten the engine life, or no longer comply with state laws which allow the scooter to remain unlicensed.

OK, let’s get right to it. Today we’re here to discuss the differences, as well as the Pros & Cons of 50cc, 150cc, and 250cc scooter motors. Now, of course this is one of those times where how you ride, and your confidence level on a scooter will play **HEAVILY** into your future engine choice.

 To make this simple, easy, and as NOT long winded as possible, here’s the basic breakdown of what, “cc” means to a scooter engine, and what it can do for you. The, “cc” at the end of the number means/represents, “Cylinder Capacity”. The Cylinder’s capacity to hold more air, will allow this cylinder to produce more, or a certain amount of power, with the help of the right amount of fuel. For example, a 50cc engine will produce enough power for a lightweight rider to go from point A, to point B, within a reasonable amount of time. However, the bigger the, “cc” the more power, and torque that will be produced. It would be hard to pin a solid horsepower number to these engines, due to the fact that there are plenty of manufacturers out there that produce them in their own way, with their own distinct advantages. But basically a 50cc scooter will produce anywhere from 5 to 9hp. (Sounds weak, I know.) A 150cc scooter engine will push out between 10 to 14hp. (Once again this depends on the manufacturer.) And finally a 250cc scooter engine can make between 15 to 19hp. So with that said, it will be clearly up to you to think about what engine size you want to ride. Most people would immediately go for the 250cc, but at the end of the day, you need to put how YOU ride at the top of your engine choice.

This part of this segment is going to be dedicated to, The Good, The Bad & Everything else that would make sense to you. Now, I mentioned before that your engine choice could, and should depend on what type of rider you actually are. If you’re the type of rider that is really confident in your skills, and you love the subtle whipping of air against your face, then you probably will lean more towards either a 150cc, or 250cc scooter. But if you’re the, “New Rider” who is just getting your feet wet, and speed is not a factor, then a 50cc is perfect for your daily commute. With that said, we can now slip into, “The Good” about scooters. First off, awesome gas mileage. The average scooter will get you anywhere between 50 – 65mpg. Which does nothing more than keep almost all of your hard earned money in your pocket. Another positive factor of the scooter is how easy they are to maintain, and or repair. Think of it like this, how many scooters do you ever see broken down on the side of the road, as you drive? Lastly, the feeling you get from riding a scooter is usually filled with breathtaking moments when you realize it’s just you, and the world around you.

Now, here comes, “The Bad” part. The scooter is a two wheeled vehicle that does not really provide any real protection to you while you ride around. It’s always imperative to where your helmet, some type of protective clothing, and above all Be Completely Aware of Your Surroundings while you ride. Scooter accidents aren’t very frequent, but they can happen as much as bicycle accidents, in the sense of car drivers not being aware of your presence on the roads around them. Aside from that, owning a scooter will require you to change a few things about your life. Such as, you may need to start riding around with your everyday items in a book bag, or some type of backpack. {It’ll provide a dual purpose for you. 1. Carry your stuff. 2. Protect your back if you “God Forbid” fall.} Also you may want to consider wearing glasses a lot more. It helps with road debris, and bugs. And finally, it will be a great idea to source out nearby scooter mechanics, before you make that scooter purchase. You want to have at least 2 different mechanics who can help you out if something goes wrong.

Well I hope this segment was helpful to one, and all. Until the next time, be safe, have fun, and go ahead and live life to the fullest.

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