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Electric Bikes And Their Growing Popularity

An electric bike is not like an ordinary scooter or motorcycle and it varies a lot from the other two in terms of both looks and functionalities.  An electric bike comes with a motor, a controller and even a battery unlike the other two. All these form a part of the design and they are the primary drivers for the working of the electric bike.

How do they work?

On the whole if considered, the primary parts of the electric bicycle including the handle and the pedal. The electrical support is only meant to enhance the human power to drive the cycle and not replace it completely. As a result with the electric bike, it is more convenient and effortless with it to climb hills and ride long distances.

The three fundamental building blocks of the electric cycle is the drive train, motor and the battery. The motor mainly performs three functions. It propels the front tire creating the feeling that the bike is being thrusted. Rear motors provide spinning to the rear tyres in such a way that the bike is again pushed forward. The motors located at the center helps in improving the feel and stability of the bike. It gives a more natural ride feeling to the rider at high speeds.

A typical battery on a Electric bike can enable it to run for 20 miles to 60 miles at full charge. One can set three modes on the cycle. One, pedal only mode; which enables the rider to ride it like an ordinary bicycle.  Pedal assist enables the rider to get help in pedaling the cycle with more strength and this is particularly useful for long distances and uphill. Electric Only mode just enables the rider to turn the handle and the movement is solely by the power generated by the battery.

The drive train supplies the necessary power and torque required to turn the wheels. These are what that enables the driver to change gears and makes the chain cranking process much easier.

Why are they becoming popular?

  • They are environmentally friendly compared to conventional bikes and cars and at the same time allow the rider get an increased workout.
  • Many European countries are bi-cycle friendly to be ridden and also new lanes are constructed to enable them to seamlessly move around the city.
  • They are cheaper compared to bikes and vehicles and are easy to handle. In terms of fuel, they weigh less on the wallet especially with the rising rates of petrol and diesel.

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