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Scooter Helmets

scooter safety
Scooter Safety

Now it is time we talk about the importance of scooter helmets. Motor scooters are a common mode of transport anywhere. They are easy to maneuver in traffic and easy to park. Like any motorized vehicle, you should follow certain tips and protocol in order to ensure yourself the safest ride possible.

If we follow the basic safety rules we can avoid more scooter accidents.

Here are some scooter safety tips that should be followed for your safety.

Your scooter dealer can help you with a lot of these tips.

Scooter Helmets

Always make sure that all the safety equipment like brakes, mirrors, brake lights are in perfect condition

Wear your helmet whenever you are riding the scooter. This is will protect you from a head injury in case of an accident. Make sure that the helmet that you are suing is DOT certified.

Never accelerate to the limit which you cannot control. Don’t try to out-do yourself to impress people. Know your limit and conditions and ride accordingly.

Make sure that you have the handle in control. Do not try to ride a bike with holding the handle bar from one side. You can lose direction as well as balance.

Use your turn signals incorporated in the scooter design but at the same time give hand signals also.

Be cautious when riding in the traffic and be aware of the vehicles that are around you maintaining safe distance from them.

Avoid hitting a bump or any other road hazards as it can cause you to lose the balance easily.

When riding in night make sure that you wear bright or reflective clothing for your safety.

Pay extra attention while turning, in parking lot entrances and exits.

Maintain the air pressure in tires to avoid extra rolling friction, reduces ground clearance.

Do not Drink and Drive

Enjoy the ride but the same time make sure that you are safe!

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