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Scooter Repair

scooter repair

Scooter Engine Power: The most obvious difference is the sheer power that the additional size of the 150cc engine offers as compared to the 50cc. You can certainly feel the power when driving the scooter as it has a larger engine, particularly when going up hills. The additional power may be better suited for adults and those who like to carry additional items with them while riding without having to tax the engine.

The power difference is most notable when going up hills as 50cc engines may be hard pressed to make it while 150cc engines have little difficulty at all. The more weight you carry, the more it affects a 50cc scooter as compared to a 150cc scooter.

Scooter Engine Noise: Another difference that will be noted when you start up the scooter is noise level as compared to the 50cc scooter model. Although each may have a muffler or sound damping device, the 150cc scooter is normally a louder engine thanks to its additional size and horsepower of the engine itself. However, it should be noted that the noise difference is not enough to make it a nuisance to your neighbors as it is no louder than an ordinary car engine with muffler, but you will need to hear it yourself before making the purchase.

Motor Scooter Speed: Interestingly enough, the speed difference may not be as great as you might imagine depending on the design of the scooter itself. You may want to consider a scooter tune-up. Scooters that are designed not to exceed certain speeds may fall into a different category of vehicle for the purposes of state rules and regulations as well as insurance purposes.

Keep in mind that taking a scooter driving course is recommended for everyone who has not ridden a scooter before whether it is 50cc or 150cc. This is because the greatest danger to the rider is not the speed of the scooter, but the oncoming traffic so you will need to be aware and skilled enough to avoid potential accidents when at all possible.

Before you make your choice, you should know what you want from the scooter itself. For 50cc scooters, they are perfect for short trips in the city when going 25mph is perfectly fine. However, if you plan on travelling further distances, going up hills, and carrying groceries or other items, then you’ll want a scooter with a larger engine as it offers greater power to get you through these challenges.

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