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Things to look for when purchasing a used scooter

There are several things you need to see and keep in mind before purchasing a used motor scooter. If you don’t have enough knowledge about its repair work and parts, we prefer you to buy a new scooter. Or if you’ve someone who is a professional in such field than you can ask he or she about its necessary components and facts that should be kept in mind before buying a used one. Let’s have a look at some facts that should be focused before purchasing a used scooter.

First of all, start with its Engine. Will it turn over? If it does, but somehow it doesn’t start, it could be a problem with start of the fuel. Take the gas top off and have a look inside the tank. In the event that it’s corroded the crab is most likely stopped up and needs a proper cleaning, as will the gas tank and fuel lines. Take a look at the motor, are the motor parts split, or canvassed in oil and slop?

Secondly, check its electrical and cable, check for start by evacuating the fitting wire and putting a screwdriver toward the finish of attachment wire and hold it close to the start plug, kick it over and search for a start to bounce from the screw driver to the attachment. Check the miles on the speedometer. Does it coordinate the wear and appearance of the bicycle? Verify whether the speedometer link is associated. Take a gander at the links and levers, do they work easily or do they tie and are corroded?

Going down to alignment, rectify the front end, and afterward go to 8 feet before the bicycle, hunch down and look at the front forks. They tend to be straight and even. Sometimes, the handlebars might be bowed and may make the forks give off an impression of being aligned by sight. Check this twice by sitting on the bicycle and looking down at the position of the tire when the bars are straight. If the bicycle works and runs, check on its performance, that after completely warmly up how it works on ground level and slopes. If you hear a screeching sound, it might be a problem of brakes. Does it swing or bubble while driving? If it does, then it could be matter of front wheel alteration.

Some signs that you don’t have to ignore and can be bad for you, if it shakes than it could be due to bad tires. Carefully listen to the engine internal voices. Make sure you discuss its history with the dealer after your test drive. After some moments, look down and around the scooter body, make sure it doesn’t have serious damage seals like, fuel tank, crank seals or transmission seals. Then start it again, check the voices that come while you start it and how smoothly does it starts? How does it appear? Isn’t it painted again due to some accident or anything? Does it have any damage repair on its body? Look for the damaged parts. Make sure it is well maintained, and you aren’t being charged for a useless piece of trap.

Last but not the least make sure that it has all the legal registration papers, isn’t stolen or charged for some robbery. You can see it details through online sites, its registration ids and various stuff. You can go to the police station of its respective area and have details from the Sheriff. Look for the whole market for its rate and don’t just stick to one dealer, go have a look at various dealers so you might have an idea about the price.

Electric Bikes And Their Growing Popularity

An electric bike is not like an ordinary scooter or motorcycle and it varies a lot from the other two in terms of both looks and functionalities.  An electric bike comes with a motor, a controller and even a battery unlike the other two. All these form a part of the design and they are the primary drivers for the working of the electric bike.

How do they work?

On the whole if considered, the primary parts of the electric bicycle including the handle and the pedal. The electrical support is only meant to enhance the human power to drive the cycle and not replace it completely. As a result with the electric bike, it is more convenient and effortless with it to climb hills and ride long distances.

The three fundamental building blocks of the electric cycle is the drive train, motor and the battery. The motor mainly performs three functions. It propels the front tire creating the feeling that the bike is being thrusted. Rear motors provide spinning to the rear tyres in such a way that the bike is again pushed forward. The motors located at the center helps in improving the feel and stability of the bike. It gives a more natural ride feeling to the rider at high speeds.

A typical battery on a Electric bike can enable it to run for 20 miles to 60 miles at full charge. One can set three modes on the cycle. One, pedal only mode; which enables the rider to ride it like an ordinary bicycle.  Pedal assist enables the rider to get help in pedaling the cycle with more strength and this is particularly useful for long distances and uphill. Electric Only mode just enables the rider to turn the handle and the movement is solely by the power generated by the battery.

The drive train supplies the necessary power and torque required to turn the wheels. These are what that enables the driver to change gears and makes the chain cranking process much easier.

Why are they becoming popular?

  • They are environmentally friendly compared to conventional bikes and cars and at the same time allow the rider get an increased workout.
  • Many European countries are bi-cycle friendly to be ridden and also new lanes are constructed to enable them to seamlessly move around the city.
  • They are cheaper compared to bikes and vehicles and are easy to handle. In terms of fuel, they weigh less on the wallet especially with the rising rates of petrol and diesel.

Tips On Choosing New Tires For Your Scooter

Tips On Choosing New Tires For Your Scooter

The act of choosing tires for your scooter is trickier than you can imagine. The type of the wheel and its size can greatly determine the handling and performance of the scooter. It is important to choose the tires according to the model and the brand of the scooter. Although there are a lot of tire manufacturers in the market, not all will make tires according to the sizes you require, so it is essential to pick the right one while not compromising with quality and performance.

  • The tire size of the scooter depends upon the size of the wheel. Note that while it is possible to change the size of the wheel, some manufacturers would only keep stock sizes with them. And in almost all the cases, there is only one size of the wheel available for each model of the scooter. The added problem of options comes because the manufacturers do not cater to all the tire options in a scooter. Also, the front tire cannot be used for read and vice versa. Therefore it is extremely essential to pick the right set of tires matching the size perfectly.
  • Note that the size of the wheel is inversely proportional to the speed of the vehicle, but the handling of the vehicle becomes easier with small wheels. The handling further reduces when there is a pillion or any extra luggage at the back. As a result, first you must understand the weight on your vehicles over a range of time and then choose the tire according to the weight rating. If you are not using for moving around the town in the cramped roads, choose the ones with excellent maneuverability. For long distances choose the most durable options.
  • Note that the nature of the roads which the scooter will frequently travel is also an important aspect. If there are more number of potholes, the scooter with smaller wheels are pretty unsafe. Make sure that the tires you choose have a good tread on them to suit the urban roads.
  • Lastly, make sure to choose a brand which has been in the market for long. Do not compromise quality for price because tires are an essential assurer of safety in your vehicle.

Do a complete research before you choose your new set of tires. Do consult a specialist if you do not have the idea on what to go with.

Scooter Tune-Up

The procedure for scooter tuning entails replacing certain scooter units to get the performance level you would like. In many instances, you will tune the brakes, engine, and bodywork among other parts. Motor scooter carries reserved engines on them. It is actually not unusual that several companies today are producing parts to simplify the process of tuning up your scooter. A lot of people would love to tune up their scooter for different purposes, but it is geared towards having or deriving the full benefit of their product.

Scooter tuning refers to a lot of diverse elements. It generally often relates to installing specialty parts for effects or even adding specialty components to modify the functionality. It is certainly not unlawful; however, you should really be cautious and even adhere to guidelines when you are planning to alter factory installed settings.

In the event that your motor scooter has been locked up in your garage or storage room for the past few months, this should be the time to provide it with a quality tune-up before your next drive. Tuning up a scooter can improve its performance, gas efficiency as well as enhancing its overall appearance., fortunately, tuning your scooter simply demands just a few basic tools and could take about some hours to complete.

It does not matter if you seek the services of a scooter dealer on tuning to do the tuning or if perhaps you are able to do it yourself you still will certainly spend some funds which you ought to see as a sensible investment to make an incredible scooter. Be sure not to let your neighbors fiddle with your scooter simply because he can do it very cheap. Never forget there is certainly a reason why he is very affordable. However, working with a dealer could in a way provide you with some little unknown benefits, you may see it as part of the process anyway yet it all amounts to finding the right dealer. We will of cause shed some light on these additional benefits one could get from the dealer when getting a tune-up for your motor scooter.The mechanics at the dealer level are professionals; they are manufacturer-trained and also generally work solely on your kind of scooter. A good number of dealers offer a regular training course for the service team, which includes not just the service technicians but likewise, the service supervisor, consultants and support staff. The producers provide these training programs only to their down line of dealers. The dealers normally finance such programs to stay current with the recent scooter enhancements and tune-up techniques.

The dealers may also provide you with a scooter company-backed applied warranties for both new and even used scooter parts. The manufacturer-backed warranties can certainly make service more convenient due to the fact there is a substantial network of accessible dealers; this is specifically essential if you are considering moving or maybe do a lot of exploring in your scooter.

One of the negative aspects of tuning is always that the enhanced functionality also calls for greater scooter maintenance. Particularly aspects such as the brakes and tires must be managed frequently when riding a tuned scooter. Furthermore, the wear in the transmission tends to increase, particularly for the drive belt as well as the variator rollers, hence ensure you inspect them often. Finally one should do well to take cognizance of the regular replacement of the piston rings; this and much more advise are what you will get from a dealer when they are to handle your scooter tune-up.

In conclusion, there are lots of other added services that is been offered to you, when having your scooter tune-up by your dealer but it is simply unknown to you.

Scooter Safety Tips

Scooter Safety Tips

Motor scooters are a common mode of transport anywhere. They are easy to maneuver in traffic and easy to park. Like any motorized vehicle, you should follow certain tips and protocol in order to ensure yourself the safest ride possible.

Here are some scooter safety tips that should be followed for your safety

Always make sure that all the safety equipment like brakes, mirrors, brake lights are in perfect condition

Wear your helmet whenever you are riding the scooter. This is will protect you from a head injury in case of an accident. Make sure that the helmet that you are suing is DOT certified.

Never accelerate to the limit which you cannot control. Don’t try to out-do yourself to impress people. Know your limit and conditions and ride accordingly.

Make sure that you have the handle in control. Do not try to ride a bike with holding the handle bar from one side. You can lose direction as well as balance.

Use your turn signals incorporated in the scooter design but at the same time give hand signals also.

Be cautious when riding in the traffic and be aware of the vehicles that are around you maintaining safe distance from them.

Avoid hitting a bump or any other road hazards as it can cause you to lose the balance easily.

When riding in night make sure that you wear bright or reflective clothing for your safety.

Pay extra attention while turning, in parking lot entrances and exits.

Maintain the air pressure in tires to avoid extra rolling friction, reduces ground clearance.

Do not Drink and Drive

If we follow the basic safety rules, then accidents can be avoided. Enjoy the ride but the same time make sure that you are safe!

Scooter Engine Sizes

Scooter Sizes

scooter engine sizeMany Scooterists are finding that purchasing a 150cc scooter is an affordable method of transportation for short distance trips. Motorists like the ease of use as well the affordability in regards to purchase price, service & repair costs, and especially the excellent mileage per gallon. 150cc Scooters are designed to have a maximum speed of about 30MPH as anything that goes over that is, in most states required to be licensed. Modifications can be made to 150CC motor scooters to make it go faster and upgrades vary on whether the scooter or moped has either a 4 Stroke or a 2 Stroke engine. However, many scooter upgrades can void the warranty, shorten the engine life, or no longer comply with state laws which allow the scooter to remain unlicensed.
OK, let’s get right to it. Today we’re here to discuss the differences, as well as the Pros & Cons of 50cc, 150cc, and 250cc scooter motors. Now, of course this is one of those times where how you ride, and your confidence level on a scooter will play **HEAVILY** into your future engine choice.

 To make this simple, easy, and as NOT long winded as possible, here’s the basic breakdown of what, “cc” means to a scooter engine, and what it can do for you. The, “cc” at the end of the number means/represents, “Cylinder Capacity”. The Cylinder’s capacity to hold more air, will allow this cylinder to produce more, or a certain amount of power, with the help of the right amount of fuel. For example, a 50cc engine will produce enough power for a lightweight rider to go from point A, to point B, within a reasonable amount of time. However, the bigger the, “cc” the more power, and torque that will be produced. It would be hard to pin a solid horsepower number to these engines, due to the fact that there are plenty of manufacturers out there that produce them in their own way, with their own distinct advantages. But basically a 50cc scooter will produce anywhere from 5 to 9hp. (Sounds weak, I know.) A 150cc scooter engine will push out between 10 to 14hp. (Once again this depends on the manufacturer.) And finally a 250cc scooter engine can make between 15 to 19hp. So with that said, it will be clearly up to you to think about what engine size you want to ride. Most people would immediately go for the 250cc, but at the end of the day, you need to put how YOU ride at the top of your engine choice.

This part of this segment is going to be dedicated to, The Good, The Bad & Everything else that would make sense to you. Now, I mentioned before that your engine choice could, and should depend on what type of rider you actually are. If you’re the type of rider that is really confident in your skills, and you love the subtle whipping of air against your face, then you probably will lean more towards either a 150cc, or 250cc scooter. But if you’re the, “New Rider” who is just getting your feet wet, and speed is not a factor, then a 50cc is perfect for your daily commute. With that said, we can now slip into, “The Good” about scooters. First off, awesome gas mileage. The average scooter will get you anywhere between 50 – 65mpg. Which does nothing more than keep almost all of your hard earned money in your pocket. Another positive factor of the scooter is how easy they are to maintain, and or repair. Think of it like this, how many scooters do you ever see broken down on the side of the road, as you drive? Lastly, the feeling you get from riding a scooter is usually filled with breathtaking moments when you realize it’s just you, and the world around you.

Now, here comes, “The Bad” part. The scooter is a two wheeled vehicle that does not really provide any real protection to you while you ride around. It’s always imperative to where your helmet, some type of protective clothing, and above all Be Completely Aware of Your Surroundings while you ride. Scooter accidents aren’t very frequent, but they can happen as much as bicycle accidents, in the sense of car drivers not being aware of your presence on the roads around them. Aside from that, owning a scooter will require you to change a few things about your life. Such as, you may need to start riding around with your everyday items in a book bag, or some type of backpack. {It’ll provide a dual purpose for you. 1. Carry your stuff. 2. Protect your back if you “God Forbid” fall.} Also you may want to consider wearing glasses a lot more. It helps with road debris, and bugs. And finally, it will be a great idea to source out nearby scooter mechanics, before you make that scooter purchase. You want to have at least 2 different mechanics who can help you out if something goes wrong.

Well I hope this segment was helpful to one, and all. Until the next time, be safe, have fun, and go ahead and live life to the fullest.