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Electric Scooters

electric scooterGood Day to one and all, and Thanks for joining us today. In today’s segment we are going to mull over the literal, Pros & Cons of the ES, or the Electric Scooter as it were. For many of you out there, you may or may not be considering the purchase of a scooter, as opposed to buying/leasing a car. This type of decision isn’t a proverbial game changer, but it does show many people that you are the type of person who is thinking of their lives from a somewhat financial stand point. With that said, what about the person who loves to not only save money, but help the environment too?   Enter the Electric Scooter. Now for those of you who didn’t know, the Electric  Scooter has been around for a very long time. Just like the electric car, man has been trying to find more efficient ways to travel, since he realized that walking just wasn’t going to cut it. The Electric Scooter, like the Electric Car has it’s good, as well as its bad qualities. Let’s look at the bad qualities first, because I like trying to end things on a high note from time to time.

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The Cons of owning an Electric Scooter are relative to owning an Electric Car. Battery life, and distance traveled on a single charge. Over the past ten years or so, battery life has been literally transformed into what we can now summarize as been truly sustainable. If we look at the leading manufacturer of electric cars today, Tesla Motors, we can see what a pack of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries can do for a car these days. Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk has pushed his team of builders to the point where the Tesla Model S, is now able to travel over 300 miles on one charge. The same technology has trickled over, rather than down to the two wheeled market, and we now have Lithium-ion battery powered scooters to our disposal. However, these batteries all need to be charged at some point in order for our vehicles to work. Hence the down side of the, “Distance Traveled” portion of the electric scooter. As it stands now, an Electric Scooter can travel between 28 to 40 miles on a single charge, which isn’t bad, but then you would really, really need to be on the ball when it comes down to calculating the distance between your daily destinations. The other thing is, charging your scooter. We still live in world where there aren’t many charging stations in many of our larger cities. You may be able to get where you’re going, but you’ll still need to charge your scooter again, before you go back home.

Now, the Pros of the Electric Scooter. First off, they are the cleanest forms of energy burning transportation available. I mean there’s nothing really cleaner than using pure electricity to move yourself about. Secondly, these Electric Scooters in many cases cost a lot less than their petrol/gas sipping counterparts. As a matter of fact there are quite a few websites that even allow you to purchase your scooter online, and the company will even box up the scooter, and deliver it straight to your front door. In some cases, there are a few, “lower powered” Electric Scooters that utilize human power to help get you where you have to go. You the rider can sit on your, “Happy Go Lucky” scooter, and simply pedal your way to where you need to go. This will accomplish a few things. One, it preserves the battery pack for later use. {Those tiring uphill runs.} Two, in some cases, pedaling will actually charge the battery pack that resides in the frame of the scooter. Lastly, the “Hybrid Electric” pedal scooter will do wonders for your health, and provide miles of exercise for you to help build strength, as well as your immune system.

So, at the end of day not only is the Scooter a viable, trustworthy, and economical means of transportation, but the Electric Scooter has pretty much proven itself to be a bigger and even more efficient means of the same form of transport. That’s it for us over here, we hope this little tidbit of information was helpful to you all. Until next time, be safe, have, and live life to the fullest.