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Vespa Scooter Dealer

Vespa scooter dealersVespa is an Italian scooter owned by Piaggio.  The first Vespa scooter was manufactured in 1946.  Vespa was one of the first scooter manufacturers and they are still going strong. Vespa’s offer classic looks, great gas mileage, and plenty of power for the average driver. 2012 models featured 276cc engines, 76 mile per hour speed capacities, and up to 70 miles per gallon in fuel consumption, all of which are significantly higher rates than much of the competition.

Vespa Scooter Dealers

Vespa Scooter Sales & Service  Phone Number  City
 Reno’s Power Sports   816-942-8900   Kansas City

Popular Vespa Scooter Models Vespa LX 50

The Vespa LX is usually considered to be the best scooter for traveling around cities and towns at low speeds. While it isn’t going to win you any races any time soon, it’s great if you want to commute to and from work with a low cost vehicle. You can also expect to be able to cart about one bag of groceries with the Vespa, so it’s an all-around perfect city scooter, especially for singles. The Vespa is very small with a classic build and usually comes in light blue. It usually gets 95-100 miles per gallon and at a rough MSRP of $3,300, it’s one of the cheapest quality scooters out there.

MotorScooterGuide.net is a terrific source and has multiple service manuals about different Vespa scooter models.

Visit their site for more info about Vespa Scooters