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Znen scooters

Zhongneng Industry Group Company, founded in 1987, is a motor scooter manufacturer in China. Using our extensive experience, along with the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff, we have created our own brands: ZNEN and FOSTI. We now produce numerous lines of motor scooters, including luxury motor scooters, classic motor scooters, sports motor scooters, bomb motor scooters, and eagle motor scooters. If classifying by engine displacement, we offer 50CC scooters, 125CC scooters, 150CC scooters, and 250CC scooters. ZNEN scooters are the transportation method of choice in urban areas due to their low maintenance cost and ease of use. Featuring low carbon emissions and great fuel efficiency, they are also a great way to help the environment and people who are conscientious about their carbon footprint

Znen Scooters

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