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Mobility Scooter Companies

mobility scooter companyIf you are looking at medical mobility scooters then you have a couple things to consider such as which models will your insurance company pay for, which will support your weight, and which is overall most suitable to your needs. Mobility scooters come in several large and small options and can have either three or four wheels. Medical mobility scooters are not great for everyone. If you have trouble sitting up for long periods of time then you may find it uncomfortable. Therefore it may be use to check with your local mobility dealer or consulting with your physician to see which option works best for you.

You save a lot of energy. This is the whole point of owning a mobility scooter. If you find that you tire easily after walking short distances, a mobility scooter is for you. Understand that this isn’t an admission of defeat on your end; it only means that you are being proactive in finding solutions to your situation. It is less straining than using a self-propelled wheelchair or one that somebody has to push for you. This beauty of owning a mobility scooter. Compared to wheelchairs, mobility scooters come with less strain on your muscles, wrists and joints. You can also go as far as you want without losing your breath or your strength.

Mobility Scooter Companies

Phoenix 3 Wheel Travel Scooter: Ideal for anyone living in a smaller home, the Phoenix was designed with mobility in mind. It turns in a tight circle, allowing you to get through smaller rooms of your house without having to back up. Turn radius is 32.3” and the maximum capacity is 250lbs with a max speed of 4mph and usually costs about $980.Pilot Series 4-Wheel Scooter: With a max weight of 350 lbs., this is a very sturdy little scooter. It features four wheels and therefore is a little more stable than 3-wheel models but does sacrifice turning ability due to this. The Pilot has a turn radius of 56” and a max speed of 6mph. It costs $1,845 but comes with a swivel seat, armrest and rear suspension.

Daytona GT 3 Wheel Scooter: Whether you want to sound cool or want to go outside, the Daytona is a great scooter. Featuring a weight limit of 300 lbs., swivel seat and 20 mile battery range, the Daytona is perfect for anyone who wants to get out and see places. It also comes with a built in storage for a free, foldable walker. Usually priced at slightly under $1,500

Pride Go Go Ultra X: This four wheel scooter has a max weight of about 260 lbs. and is incredibly popular because it’s one of the most affordable four wheelers on the market. Costing only $879, it’s a great deal for most people, especially if your insurance won’t pay for all of the costs. With a turning radius just over 44” it’s also suitable for many smaller homes, meaning that you can fit it into a large apartment without too many modifications. However, the Pride Go Go isn’t really suited for too much outdoor use because it’s only got a 1.3” ground clearance and very little power at only 4mph.

Royale 3 Dual GT: Made for sport or heavy use, the Royale is perfect for either two people or for someone who is very heavy. The 32” seat and 450 lb. weight limit are perfect for carrying larger loads and the Royale also comes in handy with a 32 mile driving range. 49.5” turn radius is slightly larger than most hallways will fit but is still small enough to afford mobility. The Royale has a max speed limit of 9.3 mph, perfect for taking out doors and into town. Costs $6,519 but if you need it, you’re insurance will help you pay for it.

Whether you are mulling over purchasing a mobility scooter or you have just placed an order, here are some advantages and pros that come with owning one:

mobility scooter dealerYou gain independence and rebuild your self-confidence. Whether you need a wheelchair because of your advancement in age or because of physical impairment, the need to use a wheelchair or to get assistance from another person in order to get around can be very embarrassing. This is where mobility scooters come in. With mobility scooters, now you can get back on track (literally and figuratively) and start doing activities that you never thought you could. There is no more reason not to join your grandkids for a day at the mall or your buddies for a ‘stroll’ in the park. You keep yourself from potential danger. The reason why many elderly or physically impaired individuals purchase mobility scooters is because they don’t want to ask for assistance from another person. It also affords them a sense of independence and self-confidence, as previously mentioned. But another very important benefit of owning a mobility scooter is that you keep yourself from falls and other precarious situations. If you are not confident getting around with your two feet, a mobility scooter can do all the getting around for you.

If you have been recently injured, owning a mobility scooter can accelerate the healing process. How so? One of the first pieces of advice that doctors give out when talking to patients who have recently undergone a trauma or injury is to take it easy. This would be difficult if it’s hard enough for you to walk around, period. But with mobility scooters, you don’t have to worry about over-exerting yourself.

It gives your loved ones peace of mind. Nobody wants to be a burden to their family or friends. And while they probably do not think of you as such, knowing that you are safe and comfortable with using a mobility scooter to get around will help them to worry less.